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Insuring Your Toys

There’s an old saying: “The main difference between men and boys in the price of their toys.” As we look toward spring and tax refunds from the IRS, many of us are dreaming about growing our toy collection. Personal watercraft, motorcycles, RVs, off-road vehicles, collectible autos –  all these pricey items need good insurance coverage. That’s where we come in.

Not all of these “toys” are in the same categories. A motorcycle, for some, might be their sole means of transportation. This would be insured differently than off-road bikes and three-wheel ATVs. One gets you to work and back, while the other takes you deep into the woods, far from the road, slinging geysers of mud behind you as deer and fox scramble frantically to get out of your way.  Don’t worry; chances are good they heard you coming a mile away!

Do you have the traveling bug? RVs, campers, and travel trailers come in all sizes and shapes. Some people even trick out big, fancy buses to make a luxury rolling home on the highway. RVs are classified in three designations. First is the aforementioned bus-like king of all RVs. This is known as Class A. They can range in price from $100,000 to well over $1 million. They eat fuel like it was going out of style, but if you can afford to own one, you can afford the fuel it takes to run it. The class C is smaller, typically a cargo van with a camper wrapped around it. These can run from $80,000 to half a million dollars or more. Many have an extension above the driver’s cab. This is usually a loft with a queen-sized bed. Much smaller than Class A, they are much more fuel efficient, but a lot is sacrificed in size and luxury. The Class B is the smallest of all. Many consider them good for a short vacation, but unlike their much larger cousins, they probably don’t make a good year-round rolling residence. Some are small enough to fit in a standard garage. They run from $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the amenities. Veazey Insurance Agency can help you insure any class of RV.

While we’re on the subject of RVs, there are also trailers that get towed behind a big pickup truck. Since they don’t run on their own power, they’re not in the same class as RVs, but some are impressive, sporting slide-out sides and retractable patios. One good feature is that once you reach a campground, you can detach the truck and use it for local travel.

A popular class of “toy” is the collectible auto. Maybe now is the time to buy that white ’57 T-Bird with the record player in the dashboard. Some people drive their collectible autos; some keep them in garages and only bring them out for shows. Some folks really enjoy the challenge of restoring part of history to its original, pristine condition. Whatever the reason, collectible autos are becoming more popular than ever.

This blog has covered boat insurance in the past. Here in Mobile, boating is a favorite pastime for many. Whether cruising, racing, sailing, or fishing, little else compares to being out on the water in summertime. From the smallest fishing boat to the luxury yacht, we can find the right insurance plan to meet your needs, protecting you in the water or on your tow trailer. We can even save you some money you can use for fuel or fishing gear.

Not ready for a full-size boat but want to get out on the water? Personal watercraft (sometimes called jet skis) are a fun alternative. They’re a bit like having a motorcycle on water. They’re fast, noisy, and a lot of fun. However, compact as they may be, we don’t recommend zipping around on them without adequate accident and liability insurance. Your Independent Agents at Veazey Insurance Agency can find the perfect plan for your personal watercraft.

We also offer optional insurance for tow trailers, sport racks, accessories, and even protective gear, such as helmets, boots and special clothing. So contact Veazey Insurance Agency today, and ask us about the best plans to cover your favorite “toys.”