5 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Payments

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance. Here are the top five ways to lower your payments:

  1. Keep a clean driving record. Nothing trashes your car insurance rates like moving violations, at-fault accidents, and high-priced damage claims. The best way to keep your rates low is to observe traffic laws, drive safely, and always give driving your full attention. Cell phones and texting are a major cause of serious (and sometimes fatal) accidents. If you must use your phone while driving, get one of those voice-activated, hands-free systems that connect to your car’s speakers. Many new cars have them these days. Otherwise, just pull over for a few moments and make your call while you’re safely parked. And NEVER text while driving. Keeping a spotless records of no tickets and no accidents is by far your best cost-saving strategy.
  1. Ask us about higher deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage. Higher deductibles mean a bit more money out your pocket in the event of a claim, but the lower monthly premiums can result in quite a savings over a period of several years. Increasing your deductive from $250 to $500 might save you 20 to 20 percent in annual costs. Raising your deductible to $1,000 might save you up to 40 percent, according to national averages. Choose whichever is most comfortable for you. How much can you afford to pay out of pocket in the event you file a claim? Be sure you can pay
  1. Drop comprehension and collision if you drive an older car. Comprehensive and collision insurance pay for accident damage to your car, as well as other types of damage, such as falling tree limbs and other hazards. This is essential if you’re driving an expensive, late-model car. If your car is totaled, your insurance will pay the actual cash value. Find out what your car is worth. You can get a general idea using the NADA guides, other online resources or ask your insurance agent. If your car is worth less than $1.000, it makes no financial sense to pay premiums each year for comprehensive and collision insurance. Just drop them and save some money.
  2. Take advantage of bundle rates. Good discounts might be available when you buy two or more types of insurance. This practice is known as bundling. Ask us about bundling homeowners, boat, motorcycle, and RV insurance with your auto insurance.
  3. Low mileage discounts. You may be able to save money on car insurance if your annual mileage is low. Be sure to let your agent know if you are an occasional or weekend driver.

Contact Veazey Insurance today and let our experts find just the right auto policy and coverage for you. Be sure to ask about your how you can qualify for discounts. At Veazey Insurance Agency, we’ve got you covered!


Buying Homeowners Insurance just became more affordable in Mobile and Baldwin County.

After Hurricane Katrina most companies stopped writing wind insurance in our area. For many, the only choice for wind coverage was the Alabama Wind Pool. Homeowners had to split their wind and fire insurance between two companies, raising the price of coverage and requiring separate deductibles.

An A-Rated, Admitted Insurance Carrier will now cover both wind and fire in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. This means more competitive rates for homeowners and greater peace of mind.

Our Independent Agents at Veazey Insurance Agency are standing by to answer your questions and offer you the best Homeowners Insurance at the lowest possible price.